I4S aims to mitigate the IT risks caused by the adoption of Industry 4.0 paradigms. In this context, the following will be developed: methodologies and tools for IT risk analysis; innovative best practices for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of connected production plants; innovative technological solutions for safety; simulation systems to analyze computer security without interfering with the operation of production plants.

Technological solutions will also be identified that can improve the degree of security and resilience with respect to cyber attacks. The development of these solutions, and above all of the emulation system of production plants and connected machines, will be based on modern fog / edge computing paradigms, and on the extensive use of virtualization and software-defined-networking technologies. The results of this project will make it possible to design and build safer production plants and connected machinery, capable of guaranteeing: higher levels of protection of personal and corporate data transmitted and used by connected production plants; the maintenance of business operations and the activity of critical production processes even in the event of cyber attacks.

My contribution:

  • Member of the Research Group
  • ICS infrastracture development
  • ICS protocols pentest
  • SDN Specialist
Andrea Melis
Andrea Melis
Adjunct Professor
Post-Doc Researcher

Security Enthusiast, CTF Player, Half Nerd/Half Geek.